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EDHREC - Athreos, God of Passage Commander.

17/03/2011 · IMO, life gain isn't that good in edh. You already start with 40 life, and lots of the time people kill you with combos so life total doesn't matter. But if I were to use life gain, my favorite life gain in edh is the one that makes your life total become the number of cards in your deck. 19/09/2017 · I'm looking for cards that are good in EDH for life gain. Artifacts would be best. Most people in my play group don't play their generals to attack for massi.

Popular decks and cards for Athreos, God of Passage. 24/08/2017 · Red doesn't add much to a life matters deck without diluting the core theme of the deck. The other 2 colors green and blue provides more options than red, which is more of a damage only color. But it does open up some options for cool life loss/gain.

Popular decks and cards for Licia, Sanguine Tribune. So essentially what I'm asking for is help identifying cards that may be more expensive, newer, or both that would help me build the best life gain token army EDH deck I can possibly build. TL;DR: I'm just getting back into magic, have minimal card knowledge, and am looking to build the best EDH deck possible with Trostani as my commander. Breaking Trends Hello, everyone and welcome back to another installment of my series, the Underdog’s Corner! If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll remember that I’ve been going through lesser-played commanders from the various Ravnica sets of old for the past two and a half months. Enough of the quality life gain is artifact based and so mages off all colour can usually find an appropriate card or two so as to sure up their agro match ups. Here are a list of the other life gain cards that see a decent amount of cube play that didn't quite make the top ten. I shall say a few words on them as they are so few in number.

life gain – EDHREC.

Gaining life in mono-black So I have this Erebos deck that I'm fond of, but I'm looking for another lifegain effect for the deck. However, I'm not looking for any one-shot sorcery/instant drain effects, but something repeatable that will continuously gain me life. Oloro without a question. Serra avatar and Serra ascendant are quick killers, along side these you have all the black staples for card draw and tutors, and blue for control. With his ability working while he is in the command zone one doesnt need to focus on life gain, and can actually find cards that trigger when ever you gain life. 15 Nov, 2017 in Articles / Explanations / MTG Guides tagged Advice / Discussion / Green / Guides / Life Gain by Riuka There are a multitude of different ways to win in Magic the Gathering. You can mill your opponent, slowly burn their life away, or just swing a bunch of creatures in their face. 16/03/2014 · via YouTube Capture. Deck Tech, Black White Orzhov Life Gain-Life Drain. EDH Commander Deck Obzedat.

Gaining life in mono-blackEDH - reddit.

07/04/2018 · Começando a trazer vídeos de Gameplay de MTGO pro canal. Se curtir, se inscreve e deixa um like sem maldade. Vlw, bjos. 05/01/2018 · [ASMR] MtG Ramble - Abzan Lifegain EDH deck tech! soft spoken Lily's Library. Loading. Unsubscribe from Lily's Library? Cancel Unsubscribe. Binaural ASMR: Opening 36 Magic The Gathering Booster Packs. Unboxing Tingles In The Land Of Tarkir - Duration: 1:36:03. Heather Feather ASMR 568,660 views. 05/04/2018 · What's up rockstars? So in this video, we'll be talking about one of the Commanders from Commander 2017: Licia, Sanguine Tribune! Licia, unlike her fellow Vampire Edgar Markov, is alot more active in her deck, and rather than sit upon his throne in the Command Zone, will gladly get down on the field to start dishing out the hurt. 27/09/2018 · Command your budget! Here at The Commander's Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. On this deck tech we brew with Kambal, Consul of Allocation as our Patron selected commander. Make the game as painful as possible for your opponents, by draining them with every decision they make! ----- Support us directly, get rewards, and.

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